Monday, June 30, 2008

First Prenatal Appointment

Today was my first prenatal appointment. I have a new doctor because my GYN, whom I love, doesn't deliver babies. :- ( My primary care physician highly recommended the OB I selected, and I'm pleased with my selection. She's an African-American doctor, who happens to be in an all-female, all African-American practice. Very impressive! She has a great bedside manner, and she took the time to answer every question Trevor and I had.

The appointment went pretty well, with the exception of one scare. So Dr. S walks in, introduces herself, and soon after asks how sure I am about the first day of my last period. My response - "absolutely sure." She goes on to explain that the HCG test performed by my primary care physician on June 13 revealed an HCG level that was a bit lower than it should've been if the first day of my last period was May 14. I immediately panic. She gave me an opportunity to use the restroom before she performed an ultrasound to check things out. I took advantage of the opportunity and went in the restroom and prayed. The ultrasound allayed Dr. S's concerns because everything looked like it should. Amniotic sac - check; yolk sac - check; fetal pole - check; heartbeat - check! She said I was measuring about 3 days smaller than my gestational age, again based on the first day of my last period, but she assured me that a 3 day discrepancy wasn't concerning to her.

I have to admit that I'm experiencing a small tinge of concern, but I trust the Lord. We didn't even expect to be pregnant right now, so that tells me that THIS baby is supposed to be here and the Lord has a plan and a purpose for our little one. Amen!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Everyone Knows

Baby D,

Daddy and I couldn't keep the news to ourselves! After having dinner this evening, we made a series of calls to family and friends to tell them about your impending arrival. Everyone is so excited about you, and like daddy and I, they can't wait to meet you! You have a whole host of family waiting on you.

Love you,

Happy Father's Day, Daddy

Baby D,

Today I surprised your daddy with the news about you! He was so happy. Keeping this a secret has been so difficult!

Your daddy loves riddles, so I found out things about you in the womb and put together a riddle for him. I waited until after church, but before dinner, and presented him with the following riddle: "What is this thing? It is pear-shaped, often referred to as a miniature manatee, bumpy all over with a small tail, it lives in walls and likes moist, dark places." Your daddy started asking a series of yes/no questions:

"Is it a living thing?" (YES) , "Does it grow in stages? (YES - dang, he knows!) , "Are the walls made of wood?" (UM, POSSIBLY??? - I needed to stump him), "Are the walls made of concrete?" (YES! - I really wanted to stump him)

So after a few minutes of him being perplexed, I told him I needed to look at my clues again to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything. While he wasn't looking, I pulled the last "clue" out of my briefcase and hid it behind my back. I audibly ran through the clues again, and then said "oh, I forgot to give you one clue." I walked up to him and handed him the last clue which was a newborn pamper (so small and so cute!) with the digital pregnancy test sticking out of it. Your daddy just looked at me with a perplexed look on his face. He asked "what is this?", and I told him to look closer. He saw the word "Pregnant" in the window of the test and asked if this was for real. When I told him yes, he yelled a loud "YES!", thanked the Lord and then gave me a hug and a kiss. He then bent down and kissed my stomach, said hello to you, and gave you a quick "Hook 'em Horns!" By the way, your daddy already insists that you follow in his foot steps and attend the Univ. of Texas. We'll let you make that choice, but it is a good school. After our joint moment of celebration, I told daddy that the answer to the riddle was on the back of the pamper.

The answer......"Our Baby"

I gave daddy his first Father's Day gift, too. Two bibs that say "I Love My Daddy" (can't wait to see them around your neck!) and a book called "The Expectant Father" so he'll know what's going on with you and me. He loved it! (And he reads the book faithfully....)

This made for a special Father's Day for daddy because this is your Grandpa D's first Father's Day in Heaven. This was the ultimate bright spot in your daddy's day!

The clues explained: pear-shaped and often compared to as a miniature manatee = your shape at 4 weeks, 4 days; bumpy all over = this was the beginning of your arm and leg buds; small tail = formation of your spinal cord; lives in walls = my uterine wall; and moist, dark places = the atmosphere where you're growing. Pretty clever, huh? :- )

Love you, munchkin!


Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm Pregnant?!

Dear Baby D,

You already cease to amaze me!!! Three months ago, Daddy and I decided we were ready to welcome a little one into our lives. We've been trying to conceive you since then. Conception takes perfect timing, and we really thought our timing wasn't right this month. (You'll understand what all of this means when you're ready to start your family ~ smile) But I guess both you and God were ready for you to start your journey because I found out this morning that I'm pregnant!!! I am so excited and am already so ready to be your Mommy.

So here's how it (well, not "it") happened. This week I've been feeling as though my period was going to come (and it was supposed to). Well, on Thursday afternoon I started to get a little suspicious, so I pulled out a calendar. Lo and behold, my period was supposed to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday. I decided to give it the rest of Thursday to arrive. When I woke up this morning, NOTHING, so I took a pregnancy test. Less than a minute later, I saw the most amazing word peering back at me from the pregnancy test....."PREGNANT"!!!! I had to look at the stick a few times. I kept looking for the word "NOT" to precede "PREGNANT", but "NOT" was not there. I was home alone since Daddy is a pilot, so I just jumped for joy and began to thank the Lord for this miracle!!! I'm still amazed at it all!! I went to the doctor's office and they confirmed my pregnancy. I'm told that you'll be joining us on approximately February 19, 2009. YAY!!!

Oh, since Father's Day is on Sunday, I'm going to try to keep this news to myself. I'll let Daddy know about you on Father's Day.'s our little secret for now.

Love you already,