Thursday, December 29, 2011

9 Months

Dear Zachary,

You're 9 months old, sweetie! Can you believe it?! Mommy can't! Where is the time going?! You're growing up far too fast. Slow down!!

You're becoming more vocal. You "talk" to us all the time and have the sweetest spirit. You are such a happy baby, unless you're sleepy or hungry. Speaking of sleep and hunger, you're a great sleeper and a great eater. You are sleeping much longer stretches at night. For awhile I thought you were officially sleeping through the night, but you switched it up on us recently and started waking in the middle of the night again. I think we're close to you sleeping through the night consistently, though, so I'm not discouraged. You are a phenomenal eater! We recently discovered the one and only food you do not like (yet!), which is yogurt. You make some of the worst faces when you eat it. We'll keep trying. You absolutely love mangocado (pureed mango and avocado), though. New foods this month, besides mango and avocado, are carrots and apples. We'll start some meats and lentils next month. We are enjoying making your food. It's great knowing exactly what's going into your little body, which is nothing but organic goodness.

It looks like you're about to cut your first tooth soon because your gums are bulging in the area of your top front teeth. Your sister didn't get her first tooth until she was almost one, so I'm not ready for you to get teeth yet. This is just another reminder that you're growing up. :( I'm also nervous about biting since you're still breastfed, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

The big event this month is that you celebrated your FIRST CHRISTMAS!!! You had a great time opening gifts (read: chewing on the wrapping paper and bows). Your attention span for opening gifts was very low, but that's to be expected. You got a whole new crop of toys that are especially for you, including several really cool trucks and cars. It's fun seeing our home fill up with "boy stuff."

You continue to pull up to the standing position every chance you get, and you're starting to cruise more and more along items. I don't think you'll be walking anytime soon because you prefer standing stationary to cruising and you're not yet standing unassisted, but I could be wrong. Time will tell.

Zachary, you light up our lives. We are so blessed to have you. You truly make my heart smile. I love you so much, son!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Self-imposed Time Out

Zoe put herself in time out yesterday. Why you might ask? Because, according to her, she was mean and didn't want to talk to the San.ta ornament on the Christmas tree. She sat in the kitchen for her self-imposed time out and when she was finished she told "San.ta" she would talk to him now. LOL. Zoe is a hoot!!! She makes us laugh every day.

Monday, December 19, 2011

On the 6th Day of Christmas....

...[Jesus] brought to me....a-sleeping-through-the-night-baby! At almost 9 months old, Zachary is officially sleeping through the night!!! Yay!!! Thank you, Jesus!! I'm still trying to master going to bed shortly after he does, but it feels so good waking up after several uninterrupted hours of sleep. Best Christmas present ever! :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

8 Months

Dear Zachary,

You're 8 months old! 8 months, as is 2/3 of a year old. Milestones and time seem to move faster with you than they did with your sister. Slow down, baby boy, you're growing too fast and Mommy's heart can't take it. I just love you so much, Zachary!

Your big development this month is you're standing up! Not in the unassisted, standing on your own, way, because you need support, but you LOVE to pull yourself up to the standing position every chance you get. Daddy recently pulled out your sister's old music tables for you to stand and play with, and you love these new toys.

You don't like to be held as much lately. If you're not being held to nurse, you want to be on the floor playing. You're still combat crawling, and you're still super fast. You are curious about everything. You definitely know your name, which has been the case for awhile, but it's fun when you come to us when we say "Zachary, come to Mommy (or Daddy)." It is also funny when you crawl and follow us around when you're tired and want to be picked up.

This is nothing new, but you love to suck on your fingers. Daddy often jokes and says your hands seem to be spring loaded to land in your mouth. Initially, we thought you might be a thumb sucker, but it is now evident that you love all of your fingers.

We've added more food to your menu this month. You have tried sweet potatoes, butternut squash, green peas and prunes (for constipation). You are such an eager eater. You love your solids.

Zachary, you add a special warmth to our family. Your sweet face makes me smile. You are a pure joy. I'm so blessed to be your mother.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Look Who's Pulling Up! (7.5 months)

Zachary has been pulling up to his knees for the past few weeks, but today he went a step further and pulled himself up to the standing position on the love seat. I can't believe how much faster he's reaching these milestones compared to Zoe. I guess it goes to show that every child IS different. I hope he doesn't rush to walk because he is ALL boy, and I know he'll be running us ragged! Oh, when Zachary stood up, I rushed to get my camera, of course. Being the camera lover that he is, Zachary got excited just as I was snapping my third picture of him and he fell straight back. Oops! He cried a little bit, but he recovered quickly. That was a good reminder that he's still unstable, although he's reaching milestones quicker, so we need to spot him more closely. It's funny what you forget the second time around (or how vigilant parents are the first time around). :)

Without further ado, here's our big boy:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

7 Months!

**Family and friends (if anyone is still out there....I'm going to start working on updating my blog. Please be patient with me. I'm so excited to get back to blogging!)

Dear Zachary,

You are 7 months old! How can that be???? It seems like I was *just* gazing into your eyes for the first time. Wow!

You are such a blessing. Between you and me, I have always been so partial to girls. When I was pregnant with you, I couldn't decide if I wanted a girl or a boy. I now feel foolish for any conflict I had because you are a pure joy, and I am completely smitten with you. I feel so blessed that I get to experience the joys of raising "one of each."

In the past month you started solids! We started you with brown rice cereal, which you thought was just okay and then moved on to oatmeal, which you absolutely LOVE. You fit in quite well in our family because we are all oatmeal lovers, and it is a common breakfast around here. Vegetables are next. We can't wait, and I'm sure you can't either.

This month you perfected your combat crawl. Initially, you would rock back and forth on your legs and then drop to your belly. Now you don't bother getting on your knees at all, so you may be an exclusive combat crawler. You are so fast and so curious. I often joke with Daddy about the fact that you will require us to baby proof, which we didn't have to do with your sister. You are already opening the lowest drawer on the TV console and you love making your way to power cords. Oh boy!

You still aren't sleeping through the night, but you are falling into some predictable sleep patterns, which is nice. Mommy brings you to our bed when you wake up for the first time at night and you just side lie with me and nurse at your leisure for the remainder of the night. It works for both of us and allows Mommy to get a little more rest, especially on the days I work.

You are still such a friendly baby. You generously share your sweet little smile with new people and your eyes just sparkle when you smile. One of your favorite people to smile at, besides Mommy and Daddy, is your big sister, Zoe. It is very apparent that you already look up to her. You love to watch her and she can easily make you laugh. It is so sweet watching the two of you together.

The highlight of this month was the Sta.te of Te.xas! It was a first for Zoe, and you, obviously. Although you just hung out in the Bj.orn on Mommy and Daddy, you seemed to enjoy looking at all the bright colors, hearing all the new sounds and watching all the people. You also took time for a nice snooze.

I love you so much, Zachary, and I'm so delighted God chose me to be your Mommy! I look forward to what the next month will hold.

My love always,

Friday, April 1, 2011

Zachary is Here!

We are officially a family of four! Zachary Alexander made his debut at 2:21am on March 29. He was 3 weeks early, weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds 3 ounces, measuring 17 1/4 inches long. I am so behind on my blog, and I really thought I would have time to update my blog before he was born. I guess not. The last 8 (or so) weeks of my pregnancy were quite eventful. My pregnancy went from uncomplicated to having some bumps in the road in the matter of one innocent ultrasound. All of that later, including Zachary's birth story (sneak peek: I had to have a c-section, which I DID NOT want...boooo!!!!)

Welcome to the world, Zachary! Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister Zoe already love you very much.