Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We Saw the Goods!

Monday was my second trimester screening. Everything looked GREAT with Baby D2. The heart had four chambers, the brain looked wonderful and all organs were present and accounted for. The doctor gave us a very high degree of reassurance that there's no concern for Do.wn or bif.ida. (Each of these are of high risk in an over age 35 pregnancy) Praise the Lord for a great report!!!

After the important stuff, we went on to the fun stuff. The goods! Girl or boy?! Well, we are excited to know we're expecting a baby boy! A son! Admittedly, I feel clueless about what to do with a boy after raising a girl for nearly two years, but I know we'll figure it all out. I'm thrilled to have "one of each" and to experience the joys of having a daughter and a son! We feel very fortunate and so very blessed!

Time to Potty Train?

Zoe has recently been showing an interest in using the toilet. We haven't purchased her a potty chair just yet, and I'm not certain we will. We may just transition her from her diaper to the toilet to make potty training a one-step process, rather than a two-step process (i.e., training first on a potty chair and later moving up to the toilet). Anyway, I digress. The first indication that Zoe may be ready to potty train is that she started grabbing at her diaper frequently after peeing and at times seemed bothered by her wet diaper. Zoe has never been bothered by a wet diaper; she never even cried when wet when she was an infant. Trevor bought her a book about potty training, which I read to her one night. Immediately after reading the book, she pulled down her pants, started tugging at her diaper and was saying "paw pee" (her version of "pee pee", which is so cute). I took her diaper off and sat her on the toilet, but she didn't do anything. I cheered for her nonetheless and SHE flushed the toilet (lol). For several days after this (and even still today), Zoe became obsessed with removing her diaper and wanting to sit on the toilet. She also started removing her diaper while in her crib. She went poo poo (or "paw poo") in her crib once, which required us to start placing her diaper on backwards during naps and bedtime. Trevor also bought Zoe a video about potty training, which we watched last night. Again, Zoe wanted to use the toilet after watching the video. Well, today Zoe said she had to "paw pee" and started pulling at her pants and diaper. We sat her on the toilet and.....SHE PEED!!!! After she peed she said "wipe?" and after we wiped her, she again flushed the toilet. She peed on the toilet a total of four times this evening, each time by her request!!! We don't want to rush her, but she's definitely starting to show signs of readiness. I guess we'll follow her lead.