Sunday, February 7, 2010

Zoe's First Birthday Party

Zoe's first birthday party is in the books! I always said I’d never throw a birthday party for a one-year-old, but I guess the old adage “never say never” really is true. As Zoe’s birthday started approaching, it only seemed appropriate to celebrate her big day in a special way, especially because our families are spread throughout the state and country. Rather than having an adult get-together, which is commonly what a first birthday party becomes, it was important to us to celebrate Zoe in a way that she could enjoy, so we hired Kin.dermu.sic to come to our home to conduct an age-appropriate music activity for all the kids to enjoy, and we tried to invite mostly babies. Initially, we were going to use a Baby E.inst.ein theme for Zoe's party, but as the decorations and party ware started arriving at our home, the theme suddenly felt too masculine for a girl's party. After some deliberation and searching around, the party morphed into a "cupcake" theme for the sweetest little girl on Earth! We had a blast!! The party was beyond perfect! Below are some pictures from the party. We hired a photographer to take pictures so we could focus on Zoe and be fully present for her party, which was well worth the money because we literally have hundreds of special pictures that we’ll treasure forever. I wish I could post them all here, but that's impossible.

The Birthday Girl
(I fell in love with this pettiskirt outfit, complete with a fluffy "cupcake" shirt)

Welcome Song - Everyone Sang Hello to Zoe

The Party Animals
(This picture cracks me up ~ a whole range of emotions going on and some of the babies refused to wear their

Our Little Family
Group Photo

Zoe's First Cake!!!
(She wasn't very impressed)

Zoe Loved Sharing Her Cake with Mommy and Daddy

Zoe was the First Baby to Leave her Party

(Zoe was pooped! She missed her nap due to all the excitement leading up to the party. It was hard for her to unwind in her crib, so she ended up napping on Mommy's chest as we said good-bye to our guests.)

(I had fun with the decorations (and I had some made). My dear friends from Houston and San Antonio, and my sweet husband, helped me decorate into the wee hours of the morning)

Each baby received a favor bag with a cupcake shaped magnetic picture frame (duck frame for the boys), mini maracas, a Kin.der.mus.ic CD, and bubbles). Each family took home a box of gourmet cupcake mix.

This door tag greeted our guests. It says "Zoe's Cupcake Factory."

Saturday, February 6, 2010

12 Months Old

Dear Zoe,

You're one?!?! Although this is such an exciting milestone, it's also a little sad for Mommy. I guess the appropriate phrase to use is "bittersweet." It amazes me that you've been with us in the flesh for a year. I can't believe that one year ago today I held you in my arms for the first time. I'll never forget that moment or when our eyes first met. What a special time, what an amazing day! This morning, before busying myself with preparing for your birthday party, you and I had some quiet time in bed. (Daddy was at work for the morning) Of course, you had no idea what today was, so you were just playing and doing your own thing. I talked to you and told you how special you are and how very much I love you. As I expressed my love to (and for) you, I could only cry. I must have cried for at least 15-20 minutes as I reflected over our first year together. Being your Mommy has been amazing and such an honor. You are such a blessing, Zoe!

You're doing so many fun things now. The most exciting to report is that two days ago you started....WALKING!!! Yay Zoe!!! Mommy was working from home the day you started walking because you had your first little cold. I was in the office working and daddy called me out to watch what you were doing. I was amazed as I watched you take those first steps. I'm so thankful that I didn't miss this milestone! Although you're definitely walking, you are still getting steady on your feet, and you still have to learn to stand back up when you fall. Mommy and Daddy just marvel at you, Zoe!

You now have two bottom teeth, and you're quite efficient at using them. You can now wave "hi", and you love squealing as loud as you possibly can for no apparent reason. You say "Dada" like crazy, but you're still working on "Mama". You have started eating a lot of finger foods as you gain independence, but one of your favorite foods of all time, which requires spoon feeding, is plain yogurt (sometimes we mix in a fruit puree). You'd eat yogurt all day, every day, if we let you. Speaking of food, you absolutely love sharing your food with Mommy and Daddy. You even shared your birthday cake with us! :-) You are super busy exploring the world around you, and with each new discovery or accomplishment, you stand and clap for yourself. Of course, Mommy and Daddy clap, too. Your favorite game is quickly becoming "peek-a-boo". You've started to learn how to cover your own eyes (sometimes you get close to your eyes, other times you don't, but you don't know or You also love pulling Mommy's or Daddy's hands off our faces for the "boo" part of "peek-a-boo". You love climbing over things and people (mostly Daddy) to get from one item (or side of the room) to another. You're so playful and light-hearted. You're truly a sweet little girl.

What an amazing first year, Zoe! Mommy and Daddy love you so very much! You're an amazing little girl. You're beautiful inside and out. You're affectionate, happy, funny, loveable, kind and so much more. You're just perfect. Happy Birthday, Zoe!!!

My love ALWAYS,

The Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday, Zoe!

Our sweet Zoe is one! I cannot believe it has been a year since we first held her. Where has the time gone?! We celebrated Zoe's first year with a super fun cupcake-themed party. Pictures and a first year post to come soon.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZOE!!! Mommy and Daddy love you!