Monday, September 21, 2009

7 Months

Dear Zoe,

You're 7 months old! Months feel like days now that you're here. Mommy and Daddy are having the time of our lives with you.

During the last month your personality has started to shine through more. You are such a happy little girl, Zoe, and you love to smile and laugh. Your smiles melt our hearts. You are very ticklish just like Mommy, so we love hearing you laugh when we tickle you. I truly don't know if there is any part of you that isn't ticklish.

You started eating solids a few days after your 6 month birthday. With the exception of cereals, all of your food will be homemade with love by Mommy and Daddy. Also, all of your food will be organic. Daddy was so impressed with the first batch of food Mommy made (peas) that he decided he wants to share in the fun by making your food as well. So far you've eaten brown rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, peas, avocado and green beans. Avocado was an adventure (we'll have to try again), but you have taken well to everything else.

You still love to blow raspberries, even in the middle of church and while eating peas. Who cares if you do it at the most inopportune times?! You're only a baby once, right? :-)

You're sleeping much better these days, and you're even taking naps a little easier....emphasis on "a little". It's a work in progress, pumpkin. Also new this month is that you enjoy sleeping on your tummy. Sometimes you even hike your butt in the air as you sleep. It's pretty funny.

On a big developmental note, you finally decided to roll both ways. This makes your play time even more fun, and you're all over your crib at night. Mommy and Daddy are convinced that you'll soon be crawling, but we're not rushing it because that means we have to baby proof the house (yikes!).

Zoe, we are so honored to watch you grow. We don't take it for granted, not for one second. You are such an amazing miracle in our lives; we are in awe of you. Thank you for lighting up our lives with your sweet presence. We love you so much, sweetness.

Love always,

Adventures in Eating

Cereal - not too bad

Peas 1 - Zoe 0

Avocado - YUCK!

Modeling her new shoes

Will the shoes pass the taste test?

Zoe attended her first wedding....she was a complete doll! Here she is with Mommy and Daddy.

Bottoms Up! (Zoe getting her sleep on)