Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Look Who's Pulling Up! (7.5 months)

Zachary has been pulling up to his knees for the past few weeks, but today he went a step further and pulled himself up to the standing position on the love seat. I can't believe how much faster he's reaching these milestones compared to Zoe. I guess it goes to show that every child IS different. I hope he doesn't rush to walk because he is ALL boy, and I know he'll be running us ragged! Oh, when Zachary stood up, I rushed to get my camera, of course. Being the camera lover that he is, Zachary got excited just as I was snapping my third picture of him and he fell straight back. Oops! He cried a little bit, but he recovered quickly. That was a good reminder that he's still unstable, although he's reaching milestones quicker, so we need to spot him more closely. It's funny what you forget the second time around (or how vigilant parents are the first time around). :)

Without further ado, here's our big boy:

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